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About is a great 2D top-down strategy game. Pick out the favorite match and get ready to conquer the leaderboard by being the last standing player! Although it is considered a simple multiplayer tank title, is really exciting and competitive. Therefore, it is regarded as a crazy battle in which you need to defeat the enemy clan with the best tactics.

Once you eliminate somebody in, you are able to earn a higher rank as well as unlocking another level with more challenges, or opening up amazing stuff. Besides, you do not forget to gather weapons during your adventure. If you accept to engage in the Team Deathmatch mode of, you can rely on the support of friends. Additionally, it is a tip to gain a better point and dominate faster. Note that there will not be any health bar in because you will die instantly after you are shot. Try to survive and boost up your XP system!

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Use WASD or Arrows to move, the mouse to aim and shoot, F to aim, mouse wheel/ Q/ E to choose weapons, Tab to check your score, Shift to open the Help menu

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