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About is an RPG Power-ups game in which you can pick your favorite character, a class and race then step into a world full of enemies. You will compete against them and vie for your ultimate victory. The first thing you must do is to gather items, gold as well as other resources. They can help you improve your character, and of course, you will have more powers to defeat the opponents. Keep in mind that the armies of creatures as well as other players will become stronger than ever. They will not be hesitant to knock you out of the arena, so you must do whatever it takes to kill them before they have a chance to harm you. If you don’t want to play as a solitary fighter, join a team and work with your teammates to slay the foes more easily. Not only does bring you simple matches, but it also drops you into epic big matches against wicked bosses. Think you can annihilate all of them? Play it now!


Use WASD for the movement, aim and attack with the left mouse, use the right mouse to speed up and press keys 1-4 or keys Q/E to use abilities. 

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