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About Cursor Knights:

In Cursor Knights unblocked, you must present your cursor-using skill in order to attack all monsters standing in your way. Are you ready for the challenges in this RPG IO game free for all? Say it to it now then see if you make it to the end. You will step into a lot of areas, each of them as its own enemy. Your mission is to slay all monsters in those areas for more XP and Gold. With the earned XP, you can proceed to other areas, and with the earned gold, use it to purchase brand new cursor or even potions, and other items in the shop. Drinking potions can make yourself stronger, so this is a nice way to boost your strength. With the new cursors you bought, they can take up less mana to attack, dish out more damage as well as easily take down giant snakes. You aim to become the most dangerous cursor knight!

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Perform the movement using WASD or arrow keys. Move the mouse around to move the cursor, use the left mouse to drink potions and buy things, use key E to interact and key Enter to chat.

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