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About is not a normal space-themed multiplayer online game. It promises to bring back to the player moments of exciting entertainment. Take part in a brutal combat and control a small spaceship. Play against everybody existing in the playing field and show up your abilities to conquer the top spot in the shortest time. Remember to take over the speed or you can lose in an instant! While you are flying around, you must keep away from asteroids and borders. Don’t try to collide with those moons or your ship will be exploded in a wink! However, they can be the effective trap if you know how to push the prey into. Not only that, you should be prepared to deal with attacks of the foe if you want to survive and continue the journey. Take out the other antagonist and gather scores, which lead you to the higher position in the rankings. Good luck!


Use the mouse to move, left click to shoot, right click to boost.

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