Begods Online

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About Begods Online:

Begods Online is a great MMO game that you can play with a large number of new dangerous friends. Take part in a fierce combat with a basic spaceship. Your mission is to dominate the Galaxy as soon as possible by demolishing all of the enemy’s ships. Meanwhile, you should protect yourself from every attack to survive. You will take the role of an alien. Roam around the playing field and fight against anybody around you. Not only that, you are able to gather debris of destroyed asteroids. They are useful for you to build up the own solar system. It will help you defeat the target quicker. Don’t forget to prevent the foe from causing the damage to it! The power-ups are also effective to develop your database. Trophies which scattered across the map are used to hide from the antagonist’s radar. Avoid running into the black holes because they are not safe! Let’s start the engine and gain the high point now! Good luck!


Use the mouse to take control of your spaceship.

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