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About Battlestick:

Battlestick is an awesome and frantic 2D MMO game in which you will have the occasion to fight against a lot of stickmen around the world. The goal is to kill all of the enemies and dominate the playing field with the highest position. There are plenty of levels and challenges waiting for you to explore, experience and unlock. Aside from that, you need to pick out the weapon that you like most to start. After you spawn, you will use that item to attack and eliminate the foe as well as defend yourself. It’s pretty hard to control your fighter! Thus, you can not launch accurate shots or hits accurately and easily. Not only that, Battlestick is a dangerous location containing various dangerous obstacles. You’d better avoid running into them. Meanwhile, some objects are useful to be the hiding places. Let’s get ready to conquer the battle from now on! Good luck!


Use WAD or ZQD or arrows to move. Press S or Down to regenerate HP, left mouse to attack, right mouse to drop a Satchel Charge or explode a dropped Satchel Charge

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