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About Zor.bio:

Zor.bio is a unique Multiplayer game you should join now! There have been so many free io games recently, and this game is a new one. The game is considered as a 3D variant of Agar.io with much better features and amazing challenges. At first, you will start with a tiny planet, and then you must try your hardest to make it bigger by absorbing more foods or eat up other smaller opponents than you. While searching for your foods, you must stay watchful for other bigger planets because they always want to swallow you. Try to run away from them, protect yourself and survive as long as you can. Your main goal is to increase your rank on the leaderboard and become the best planet ever. Zor.bio mods may give you a lot of advantages, don’t forget to find out the mods for more features and other alterations. Wish you luck!


Use the mouse to control your character Press key S to stop, speed up with key W or left mouse button

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