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About is a Free For All game does not only bring back an exciting adventure but also give you a crazy battle in which you will compete with lots of aggressive players. Play with your friends and get ready to collect the most coins! You and multiple people are being trapped in a very dangerous dark dungeon. You need to climb up to escape from that place as soon as possible. Each successful step will help you earn the higher rank on the leaderboard, too. During your journey, you will encounter tons of enemies around you. Fortunately, you are equipped with a sword. Learn how to swing that weapon and use it to attack and eliminate your opponents before they do the same for you. If you defeat somebody, you can get half of their gold. Watch out! You can die if you fall into spikes or holes. Avoid obstacles for survival. Aside from that, do not ignore gathering power-ups to restore your health. Good luck!

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Use WASD to move and jump, LMB to attack.

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