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Enjoy the new exciting adventure in the cool game inspired by style and get ready to claim the whole map as well as obtain the poultry prize! Discover a deserted island and play against multiple enemies at once. You can explore the environment alone or cooperate with friends or work together with your squad during the combat. Your mission is to be the last one who can survive. Firstly, you will move around the playing field and collect items. You are allowed to break crates and gather power-ups inside. Or, you can mine rocks or chop trees. Be careful! You will kill yourself if you do the same for barrels. You’d better focus on searching for weapons, ammo, armor, and supplies. They are important for you to defend, restore, and attack. Each time you eliminate a person, you will earn the higher rank. Let’s begin and see if how long you will win the top spot!


Use WASD to move, LMB to act or attack, F to pick up items.

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