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Play the brand new Io game,, and defeat all of the opponents! The mission is to become the top player who collects the highest number of the Stardust and possesses the most kill. After you spawn and join the combat with a star, you need to roam around the playing field to pick up the space dust. The item you have obtained will give you many different results. For example, you can see the mass and the orbit increase in size. Not only that, you are stronger. Other upgrades also belong to you later. Besides, attracting planets in is an interesting way to earn power-ups. In some dangerous cases, black holes are your friends. Use it to escape an unexpected encounter. Aside from you, there are plenty of antagonists. You’d better dash and kill them before they carry out their plan. Crashing will decrease the energy you have. Play and share with your buddies now!


Steer the star with the mouse. Press the left click to attack.

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