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About is a great Multiplayer snake game online that will give you a lot of amazing real prizes and wonderful Amazon gift cards when you win. This is one of the best free io games you must try out. The game is very similar to in game style, but it offers new graphics and better features to you. Once you spawn into the game, you will take control of your snake and try to move it around the map in order to swallow as many orbs as possible. If you eat them more, your size and length will be larger. While searching for your foods, make sure that you won’t crash into other snakes, or else your game will be over immediately. Try to gather the star prize, those prize balls will stay if you get destroyed. The game will award you with many prizes if you get 50 bonus balls. That sounds so cool, right? You can play it now and take a chance to explore more mods for extra features.


Control your snake using the mouse Speed it up by holding the mouse down, zoom with mouse wheel scroll.

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