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About is a free online game that you can fight against a huge number of deadly zombies and work together with multiple allies as a team. You are able to choose any style that you want to play. However, you are recommended to cooperate with friends in order to improve the winning chance. The main aim of you on the new journey is to dominate the top spot, the position that will help you rule the mini world later. After you are sent to the playfield, you have to defend your life. You’d better destroy monsters before they get close and capture you. Aside from saving yourself, you can collect much more XP and level up sooner. When you grow stronger, you can join the hunt to beat formidable creatures. There will be a lot of weapons and gear on the path. Gather them and learn how to combine them, too. Good luck!


Move and interact with items by using your mouse. Press E to choose the inventory.

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