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About Raaaaft.io:

Raaaaft.io is one of the best survival strategy games that you can play online for free and team up with other players to create a party. You will start with some tools stored in the inventory. You need to stay afloat on a raft in order to avoid attacks by sharks in case you are still swimming. Actually, your adventure starts at a special place. You need to survive as long as possible before you climb up to the highest position of the leaderboard. Besides, you are allowed to choose the style that you love to experience your journey. It means that you can begin as a nomad or go with other friends. However, working together with some people will increase the ability to keep living and win. While you are roaming, do not forget to gather resources and craft items. Let’s embark on your story and get ready to build up the biggest structure with the best upgrades now!


Press WASD or Arrows to move, LMB to act, F to pick up items, Numbers to choose items. Use mouse wheel to zoom.

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