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About Pixelz.io:

Pixelz.io is an interesting strategy game taking place on a massive map. It is an ideal playing field in which you can play solo and compete with plenty of people all over the world. It is just made for fun. And, you will not find any combat or leaderboard on the screen as usual. In the upper corner, you can see the number of the current participants. You can come here to entertain yourself alone. Or, you can invite some friends and create arts together. You are highly recommended to share with your buddies and work together with them to complete your task faster. As well, you will finish bigger pictures. You know it is also a good tip to stop aggressive players who love to knock about your progress. If you are being disturbed, you can get help from teammates. They will push back him for you. Let’s begin and choose the favorite color now!


Use the left mouse to choose colors, arrow or WASD or drag the mouse to move, mouse wheel to zoom, G or Space to toggle the grid.

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