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About Pikan.io:

Let’s give Pikan.io a try! This is a new Multiplayer free io game online you shouldn’t skip as it’s very fun and amazing to check out. If you are searching for a new io game that is addictive and hilarious, then Pikan.io will be a nice choice for you. Once spawning, you will become a character that is shaped like a triangle. You have to move around the game arena in order to fire all the opponents as you try to dodge getting hit by anything on your way. You need to aim the weak part of your enemies, shoot them down before they wipe you out, go around to eat a lot of foods so that you can evolve yourself and gain the highest score on the leaderboard. A special thing you should learn, which is that your tail has some ammo, and when you shoot them out, they will travel across until they crash into something then stop. Don’t worry, you will regain the ammo after a short time. Pikan.io mods will bring you awesome features and stuff, make sure you check the mods out as well. Play the game now!


Use the mouse to control your triangle Left mouse button for shooting, right mouse button for speeding up

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