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About is a new unique Io game set in a 2D world where you will start to explore the challenge as a tiny blob. The character that you control has a mouth. Aside from that, it is surrounded by a ring. The main objective is to become the biggest player on the map. From that result, you will have the chance to take over the top spot as well as rule the leaderboard without difficulty. Similar to, you also wander around the playing field to pick up and consume dots or attack and ear other smaller people to increase the size. The bigger you are, the faster you move. It can be the disadvantage. Thus, you should defend yourself for survival. When you grow and reach a certain limit, you will level up and reset to the minimum then. While you are roaming, you are able to emit the mass you obtained in previous stages. It’s time to hunt! Good luck!


Use the mouse to move around the map. Hold the left mouse to emit the mass.

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