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About Orpe.ga:

Here comes a new Multiplayer free io game online! Let’s jump into Orpe.ga right now to conquer so many challenges now! It’s one of the best spaceship fighting games, so you shouldn’t ignore it, especially if you’re are a fan of iO games. Also, you can gain more features with Orpe.ga mods and other good options added to the original game. The in-game mission is to roam around the map and try to shoot down all the opponents before they kill you. Aim carefully and launch your attacks to them. Pick up some stars, coins on your way! The game features various classes for you to play, including balanced, bomber, gunner, machine gunner, sniper, fast bomber and heavy bomber, so select one then launch your amazing adventure. The battle will get fiercer when you advance your game, try your hardest to conquer all challenges. Are you up for this? Let’s explore the game right now! Wish you luck!


Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement, tap spacebar or left mouse button for shooting Press key Shift or right mouse button for bombing

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