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About Orn.io:

Set your favorite username and get ready to take part in a great adventure in Orn.io game along with multiple online opponents for free! To become the top winner, do not forget to collect the highest mass. Like Agario style, you will embark on your journey by controlling a ball and discover the new 3d map your way. It’s possible to rotate and observe everything in every direction easily. Besides, it is also pretty difficult to move or solve some dangerous situations. After you enter Orn.io, you can roam and eat smaller blobs. They will give you the chance to grow in size and rank up. Watch out! You must avoid colliding with shapes similar to spikes. Otherwise, you will explode and your score will be reduced. Not only that, getting close to larger players is not a wise plan. Corners are not safe to approach if you are surrounded. While you are wandering around the playfield, you can split to capture the prey or make friends to create a team. Good luck!


Use WASD to move, the mouse to rotate, Space to split, Enter to chat.

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