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About is a new Io game in the list. Play free online against the opponent and try to conquer the champion cup as soon as possible! After you enter the playground, you need to catch up the ball, which is being scrambled by other players. So, you can get some troubles while attempting to steal it. Once you take what you want, you are able to launch strong kicks to push it into the goal of the rival to gain a point. The higher score should be collected quickly before you run out of time. It is very important to end the match with the best result. In, using the nitro boost to attack or shoot is extremely necessary. With such a large number of the people, you must find out the proper solution to clear every difficulty and win. Get ready to take part in the intense battle right now! Much fun!


Use the mouse to move. Hit the left mouse to boost, Space to brake, C to switch to fullscreen camera, X to focus the camera on the player.

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