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About is a classic multiplayer online maze game including a lot of exciting power-ups. Set a nickname for your yellow dot and you can embark on the new adventure in which you can play solo or work together with your team. You’d better cooperate with other teammates to escape from other enemies or destroy them. Your special character is a glutton. He can eat everything in sight. However, some of them are really dangerous. Even, they can kill him immediately. Try to control his mouth or you will get troubles! Indeed, note that you are playing against hordes of cunning ghosts. Although they are aggressive, you can come back and swallow them once you have a pill. Be careful! It will last for a couple of seconds only. Act rapidly and flee promptly! Besides, you can drop a blinding item to make the chase confused and get an edge over him. Good luck!


Press arrow keys to move around the map, Space to drop a blinding item and confuse the enemy.

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