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Play online and battle against new players worldwide now! This free io game is known as the upgraded variant of that you may have played before. You should try checking out mods to get more features then use them to your advantage. Once joining the game, you will direct a snake and try to make it roam around the map to annihilate the opponents. The territory will belong to you after you kill 5 enemies! But you should remember that if you crash into your tail, your game will be over instantly. There are some amazing skills that you can use, such as speed, shield, skin and a chance to zoom out for viewing the map well. You can totally speed up your snake, upgrade it over time to boost your strength. Your main goal is to increase your position and try to become the best leader ever!


Use arrow keys to turn your snake, key Q to accelerate, key W to activate impregnability, key E to see more map

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