- in Io Games


Launch battle in game and perform your shooting ability in order to rule the map as well as become the top player! Enter a 2d world and you should get ready to fight against all of the strongest enemies. After you embark on your job, you have to keep you safe until you achieve the goal you expect. While you are roaming, you can jump on platforms or use take advantage of the terrain to cover your body. Aside from that, several different power-ups are scattered throughout the room. Do not ignore these items since weapon, ammo, or shields are really effective to help you remove the foe easier or survive longer. Thus, you are able to fire guns or throw a grenade into a crowd. Additionally, the invisibility lasting for few seconds in the Ghost mode allows you to make you invisible. Wound another character with a bullet to return to normalcy. Good luck!


Press WASD to move and jump, E to throw grenades, C to lie down, LMB to shoot. Scroll the mouse to switch weapons.

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