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Are you ready for a new free io game called Check this Multiplayer game out right now to explore more challenges and funny moments. The game bears the resemblance to, but with a different mission. Once joining, you are supposed to direct your character and try to make it grow up by eating up the smaller frogs nearby. The more you eat, the larger you are! While searching for your foods, you need to stay watchful for other bigger enemies, they want to eat you up and kill you, so be careful with them. You can try killing them by setting some deadly traps. When you come across one opponent, you can run in front of them, which creates a chain of lily pads behind. Doing so will lure the enemies to run into them, which gets rid of them for sure! Then you can grab their dead fragments to increase your size. Try to use your prepares and tactics carefully to conquer all of them! Let’s give it a try now!


Control your frog using the mouse, click left mouse to accelerate and create traps.

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