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About Minesweeper.io:

Minesweeper.io is one of the most awesome free io games that you shouldn’t ignore. It’s a kind of classic game where you have to expose a territory. The game requires you to have some nice strategies and skills so that you can deal with its challenges. If you want, Minesweeper.io mods can be your choice and you can utilize more features which make your game more amazing to play. The in-game rules are kind of understandable. Just always bear in mind that your game will come to an end if you uncover a mine, and you can totally carry on playing if you expose a blank square. You will learn the number of mines concealed in eight squares if you expose a number. Those squares are known as good information that helps you deduce what near squares are so secure for you to use. It’s so challenging and intense, right? Click to play the game now!


Control the game using arrow keys or mouse

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