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About Klad.io:

Klad.io is a cool and fun shooter Io game which is very similar to RangerSteve.io. Customize your gunner before sending him to the real combat. In which, you will give him a hand so as to beat all of the enemies and become the top player. Try your best to destroy everybody and survive until the end to achieve the target! Aside from the primary gun, you will soon unlock and use many different weapons from the arsenal. Each of them will bring to you surprising experiences. You’d better test and pick out the most suitable equipment. During the battle, you are able to control the jetpack and fly away from dangers or reach the high spot. In the Klad.io, moving is a good strategy to avoid bullets and keep yourself safe. In case you are being chased, it is easier to kill them by shooting backward. The minimap is quite effective to observe everything occurring in the playground. Good luck!


Use WASD keys to move, right click to control the jetpack.Press left click to shoot.

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