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About Jumpar.io:

Jumpar.io is one of the most exciting Io games in which you will use jumps to kill other opponents. Take control of a normal item, which is similar to a squishy blob, and roam around the playing field to find the winning chance. The mission is to become the top player as soon as possible. You need to survive, rank up and dominate the highest position on the leaderboard to achieve the goal. Aside from you, there are plenty of people around you at the same time. You can destroy them by hopping over their head. Stay higher, choose the proper spot and drop yourself so that you can land on top of them and tread heavily. If their mass is shot out in directions, they will not exist anymore. Be careful! Another can do the same for you. You are able to do double jumps if necessary. Let’s input the username and experience the race now!


Use WASD keys to move and jump. Tap W or Space many times to double jump.

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