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About is a hard Io game. You will take part in the new competition with a skipjack which looks like a ball. Firstly, you need to pick out the color that you want and input the nickname. After you enter the playing field, you will have the chance to compete against other players. The mission is to be the one who can dominate the leaderboard in the shortest time. Aside from the antagonist, you will see a large number of spikes and thorns, lava, along with dangerous pendulums oscillating at different speeds. They appear everywhere and they are not the items that you should touch. Keep away from those obstacles if you’d like to reach the finish! Also, do not let anybody push you into them or you will die immediately. In, you can run, move, or bounce higher or lower if necessary. Every movement must be calculated carefully. Let’s enjoy and conquer the rankings right now!


Use the mouse to control your ball.

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