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About Hopz.io:

Hopz.io is a fun and exciting Io game takes place in a new world in which you will play against all of the people at a time to find out the top player. Thus, it is not a simple race. It is a brutal combat. To achieve the goal and dominate the leaderboard, you have to hop over every opponent quickly before they do the same for you. Tip: You should always stay higher. If you are in danger, try to dodge and choose another direction to move. For example, if you see somebody jumping towards you, walk backward away from them.when they are getting closer to the floor, you can put an end to their life by treading heavily. They will not be able to change the situation as they fall. Just use the normal controls properly, you will obtain the best result. Let’s participate in the battle and collect the highest score right now!


Use the arrow keys to move and jump.

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