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About Hexagor.io:

Hexagor.io is a fun-addicting free iO game that is very strategic and challenging. You can join and play it now to test some skills. For better features and more options, you’re recommended to check out some Hexagor.io mods. In the game, your main mission is to take over the opponent realm and try to defend your base at all cost. To protect it, you need to create more powerful towers and then place them around your base. Your first realm is so small, hence, you have to find more way to expand it and make your territory larger. Building up towers is a good choice for you because they will stop other enemies from trying to intrude and attack. However, you must stay watchful for them even though you have some defensive towers. The enemies can try to break into your realm and seize it if you’re caught off guard. If that happens, all your achievements will be gone. Let’s join it now and see how long you can last!


Move the camera using the mouse, arrow keys or WASD Use the mouse for actions

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