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About is a funny Io game. It’s available for you to enjoy the new challenge as a guest! Or, you can log in and play if necessary. In a completely different playing field, you are able to control the gravitation while moving between moons. In which, you will have the chance to show your shooting skill and prove that you are the best player. With the launcher that you are equipped after you spawn, you need to take out all of the opponents whilst trying to prevent every bullet from hitting you. Indeed, you can’t dominate the leaderboard and conquer the top spot if you die too soon. Using planets/low gravity will bring back to you an advantage when you dodge. From that, you will roam around the surface without difficulty so as to survive or jump into another place and land shots easier. Let’s take part in the combat and learn more!


Use WASD to move, the mouse to aim and shoot.

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