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About is a free online space shooter game which allows you to fight against multiple real opponents. Destroy every enemy and dominate the top spot! In the new battlefield, you will have the chance to switch and choose the weapon you like most before taking out the target. Aside from that, you can earn a lot of bits from collecting kills. They will help you customize and purchase tons of crates or ships in the store. If you follow the official Social Media for cheat codes, you are able to unlock several upgrades and other exciting rewards. Just pick out the item that is suitable for your playing style and you will increase the ability to be the King. If you do not love the cool Free For All anymore, do not ignore working together with friends as a team. To coordinate your attacks accurately, select the chat box at the bottom. Good luck!


Press WASD or arrow keys to move, Space or LMB to fire. Use Q or the mouse wheel to switch weapons, B to look back, T to chat.

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