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Playing free io games is always fun! Let’s find out a new iO Multiplayer game called to explore more challenges now! This game is so great and it gives you a chance to annihilate all other frickin zombies who are trying to kill you. Before spawning into the game arena, you can personalize your own zombie to make him look more amazing, you can change some stuff, like hair color, skin color, mouth, eyes, face and so on. When you enter, you are supposed to go attack other enemies by suing your skills and strategies. Once getting hurt, you can regain your health by swallowing more foods. You need to get rid of as many zombies as you can to earn a higher score. Stay watchful for other frickin zombies, they always want to annihilate you and steal your stuff. You will become the most powerful leader of the match if you have the highest score. For awesome features and other stuff, be sure to check out mods! Have fun!


Use arrow keys or WASD to move, click left mouse for shooting, right mouse for firing backward. Switch the weapon and item by using the mouse wheel scroll.

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