Feudal Wars

- in Io Games

About Feudal Wars:

Feudal Wars is an interesting medieval tower defense game that you need to find the best strategy if you want to capture neighbors, defend your kingdom, and dominate the map. There are many different countries such as The Holy Roman Empire, Venice, France, England, and so on. Each of them will have the own knights and bonuses. Keep in mind that it is an intense multiplayer combat. Four competitors will begin on opposite sides of the map. If you take over all castles of your rivals, you will win challenges in Feudal Wars. You are allowed to join in the private games with AI or with friends. If you’d like to play with your buddies, you can copy and paste the room link. With the small army at the start, you can deploy your units and send them to the place that you target. Remember to earn gold and purchase upgrades. Good luck!


Use the left mouse button to control your units.

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