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About is a strategy game with a fun physics-based gameplay, in which, you will play with a lot of people at a time. However, it is necessary to surpass these characters if you expect to dominate the top spot. You can meet up with up to 32 persons in a room. Not only that, do not forget to conquer all of the levels. Each stage will bring a different adventurer. Besides, you will have to deal with much more dangerous obstacles when you advance. They are objects that can eliminate in an instant if you do not know how to avoid them. Actually, there are lots of pits and ledges that you cannot be jumped over or reached without using a teammate as a bridge to hop off of. You are able to choose whether you will sacrifice yourself by falling into deadly traps so your friends will use your body as a platform or step onto the body of a buddy. Good luck!

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Press WASD to move and jump, E to reset your position.

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