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About Duals.io:

It’s available for you to play Duals.io multiplayer online game in various modes! You can fight against the enemy alone, or cooperate with other teammates or you are allowed to create a party where you will work together with your buddies after you send the room link. Even though whatever you choose, you have to remember to survive, win, and become the top player with the highest score. After you enter the map, you can find yourself stuck in a pretty dangerous place. Don’t hesitate! Grab the weapon and embark on your job quickly before you are killed by hordes of aggressive zombies. Aside from that, set up a strong tower defense by putting down buildings like turrets or walls. Open up the shop and you will buy a lot of powerful items without difficulty once you earn enough money. Also, share the game via social media to get more skins. Much fun!


Use the mouse to rotate, right click to open the shop, the mouse wheel or Z or X to switch the weapon, Enter to chat.

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