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About Dstruct.io:

Dstruct.io is a cool and funny free-to-play multiplayer online Io game. Take the role of a small lovely character and move with him to the playing field which looks like a very large maze. The mission is to blow up all of the squares having the question marks as well as other opponents existing in the map. Try to act quickly and skillfully to become the top player! The weapon that you use to attack and destroy them is pretty special. They are bombs that can cause the heavy damage to anybody nearby. You need to deploy them properly because they can kill you in a wink. Therefore, keep away from the explosives when they are triggered, even your own. You can hide somewhere and wait around a corner. Sometimes, you will pick up several awesome power-ups which give you more, increase the range or the point and speed. Don’t get close to robots although some of them can be defeated! Good luck!


Use the arrow keys to move around the map, Space to drop bombs.

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