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About is a cool Agario style classic game where you can play Free For All against multiple strong opponents from many different regions at once. Depart from the place you have already spawned and move around the new map with a cell or a dot. It is also a unique living entity because its body can grow easily after eating. Indeed, it will get bigger after you help it consume food. Be careful! Do not get close to anybody who is stronger than you! Otherwise, you will be devoured in a wink. Not only that, you can get some troubles when you break the ring surrounding you and unlock the next level. At that moment, your size will be set again and you will immediately be small. So, you are recommended to prepare for what is about to happen. Boost your speed and find a safe area before you step into another stage for survival!


Use the mouse or press arrow keys to move. Tap Space or LMB to boost your speed.

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