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There have been so many variants of game recently, and is one of them you must check out if you are a big lover of it. is one of the latest free io games online offering various interesting game modes, including classic mode, splatoon mode, and soccer mode. These modes have their own tasks that you must fulfill once joining. For the classic one, you just simply go absorb smaller dots and escape away from the larger dots. For the splatoon mode, you must utilize your blobs to color the location on the map, and for the soccer mode, you need to use your dots to haul some balls and fire some goals. In addition to this, there are some power-ups that you can use to get an edge over the opponents, such as explosion, bomb, poison, shield and boost. Your main objective is to defeat the opponents and try to protect yourself, survive longer to become the best leader of the match! Be sure to explore mods for more features! Have fun!

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Use the mouse to move your blob Tap key W for feeding, spacebar for dividing, key E to utilize power-ups

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