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About is one of the top Io games that you can play online along with multiple rivals and enhance your driving ability for free. Get in the car you like most and be prepared for the new combat in which you are forced to crush all of the opponent’s vehicles to earn the high ranking as well as take over the top spot and rule the whole map. Drive throughout the city and fight against everybody that you encounter along the way. With the equipment you are given, you can collect kills and protect your life. You are allowed to get a speed fast for a short time. It is very useful to run away from stronger enemies. But, it will not exist forever. You should recharge it after use. While you are moving, do not forget to observe everything in the surroundings so you will have the chance to make a plan and act promptly. Good luck!


Use the mouse to drive your car, LMB to boost, RMB to brake.

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