Connect 4 IO

- in Io Games

About Connect 4 IO:

Connect 4 IO is a great classic game containing a simple and interesting gameplay. Choose the room that you want and you can enter and compete with the opponent. Play free online and show your thinking ability to conquer all of the rounds with the highest score. The point that you have already collected will help you dominate the top spot without difficulty. However, it is not simple as you think because the smart rival will always find the way to block your progress. If you want to win, you are forced to act wisely and strategically. After you select the person that you will experience with, you are allowed to move your token and stop at the point that you will drop your items into an empty slot. If you can build a line or a row of four identical dots before the other, you will achieve the goal you expect. Remember to prevent their advance! Good luck!


Use the mouse to drop tokens and build a row of four.

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