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About Bumpballs.io:

Bumpballs.io is a simple Io game but very interesting and fun. The goal is to be the King as soon as possible. Take control of a ball and use the item that you have from the starting to beat everybody on the map. You need to remove them in the shortest time to rank up and dominate the leaderboard. Move around the playing field and find the best way to attack and push the target off the stage. Indeed, you will have the chance to level up and become the master once you make them fall outside of the arena. Meanwhile, you have to avoid their assault for survival. You are able to dash in order to create a powerful hit. But, you should act carefully because colliding can be the last bump. The most appropriate strategy that you’d better use is to choose the tip to ensure the own victory, a fierce bumper or a defensive roller. Good luck!


Use the mouse to move, click to dash.

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