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About is an awesome Battle Royale game where you are able to play solo or cooperate with other friends to create a team. More importantly, you are going to face a very dangerous situation which is set in an abandoned land. You are not alone. You are about to be besieged by a lot of enemies from around the world. And, the mission that you must complete is to be the last standing man. After you appear on the map, you will realize that you have been armed with a pistol. However, you should collect more weapons which will be scattered throughout the playing field. They will bring back more advantages over the rest. With the gear you have, you can look for the target, attack, and gain more kills. From that result, your ranking will be increased and you can get closer to the top spot. Let’s start to fight against the new wave right now! Good luck!


Use WASD or arrow keys to move, the mouse to aim, LMB to shoot, E to pick up, T to chat, L to toggle the leaderboard.

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