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About is a good game to experience with your buddies. In other words, you are allowed to share the server link with friends. Invite them to play against enemies and you can conquer the top spot easier. Similar to other opponents, you will be equipped with a special type of the weapon. You are able to throw them whenever after you charge. They are bombs that can cause deadly explosions which are used to eliminate other players and blast away obstacles on the path. Some rocks that you have removed will drop useful power-ups that are also called cores. These items can be spent to buy upgrades which boost your abilities significantly. So, you will get stronger, walk faster, and kill much more antagonists later. You can hunt down bosses to gain more points and dominate the leaderboard sooner. Are you willing to enjoy the match and capture the crown? Have fun!


Use Arrows or WASD to move, LMB to charge and throw bombs, RMB to deflect a bomb, Space to sprint, 1-4 to choose upgrades.

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