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About is an amazing and fun Io game where you will have the chance to compete against other players in the same maze. The goal that you need to do is to become the top winner with the highest point. Choose the nickname you like most to start to explore the challenge. You will be blocked by some walls at first. It’s pretty easy to destroy them and clear the way by planting a few bombs! However, you should not stay too close to the explosion later for survival. Not only that, it’s also very unsafe if you don’t run away after you drop the explosives to kill the antagonist and vice versa. Indeed, you are given a large number of dangerous weapons. When you blow up something, you will be able to see interesting power-ups. Pick them up quickly or the others will come and steal. Aside from the adversary, plenty of strange creatures crawling throughout the map. Avoid or remove them if necessary! Let’s begin and dominate the leaderboard now!


Use WASD or arrow keys to move, Space to drop bombs.

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