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About is an awesome Agario style game with a fun-addicting gameplay. Choose one of the available warriors who will come with the corresponding weapon before taking part in the new combat. In which, you will fight against multiple aggressive enemies throughout the world. You need to eliminate as many people as possible to earn high ranks and take over the top spot. With the equipment that you are given, you are able to launch deadly attacks. Select a target and stab them quickly or they can counterattack. If you are successful in killing them, you can absorb the energy pellets that they leave. Besides, you are allowed to pick up beans on the floor. Both of these items will make your gear grow longer. Aside from that, you can get faster and stronger when you gather power-ups. But, try to use the dashing ability smartly, especially in case you are about to run away. Good luck!


Use the mouse to move, LMB to attack, D to dash. t

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