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About is a sports game following the io style with the easy-to-play basics. Compete with rivals around the world and team up with your friends to dominate the champion league. Enter a cool match in which you are able to dribble, kick, and collect the high score. As well, you can explore a new playing field where contains many green dots. They will help you fill up the energy bar at the screen’s bottom and give you more power during the challenge. Although the stage only lasts in 5 minutes, you have to attempt to prevent the opponent from shooting the ball into your net while trying to earn more goals. Similar to the rule of the original soccer, you can apply the same tips to get an edge over the others. Remember that working together with your partner is very important to have a better shot! Additionally, keep a stock of boost!


Use the mouse to move, LMB to speed up, RMB or C to dash, X to brake.

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