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About is a great 2d shooter game. Enter the new battlefield and fight against everybody for the top spot! Check out the Free For All mode alone and you should find out the most appropriate strategy to gain the most kill which helps you dominate the leaderboard and become the King easily. Along with the weapon that you are armed, you are allowed to pick out the skill that you want from the home screen. Both of them are really important to destroy the target and keep you safe from incoming bullets. In other words, you can survive longer and get close to the position you expect sooner. It’s also available for you to experience as many items as possible without difficulty. If you are successful in farming red guys, you will increase the chance to upgrade your abilities along with your health. Let’s play your way and share with buddies now!


Use WASD keys to move around the map, LMB to fire, RMB or Space to control selected ability. Hit 1-4 or scroll the mouse wheel to switch them.

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