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About 123shoot.io:

123shoot.io game is based on Agario style. Control an item that can change form and play against multiple opponents throughout the real world. You need to capture all of them to become the most powerful player. However, you cannot catch them easily because they can transform to escape your attack or even return to kill you. So, you need to master how to turn into a rock, a paper or scissors. You should chase and hunt down your prey carefully. Each object in 123shoot.io will own its strengths and weaknesses. You can rely on rules to keep you safe or grab targets more effectively. Aside from that ability, you can speed up. Boosting will allow you to get rid of dangers quickly. You can save more nitro after you gather yellow energy power-ups strewn on the playfield. While eating, remember to watch your back. Let’s join the challenge and dominate the leaderboard!


Press LMB to speed up, 1-3 to change form.

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