LumberJack Simulator

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About LumberJack Simulator:

LumberJack Simulator features exclusive gameplay that can keep players engaged for hours. In this Upgrades IO game that is free for all, you become a woodcutter whose mission is to deal damage to trees to obtain a huge amount of wood and other special materials. After collecting enough woods, you can sell it in the shop to get a lot of money. With money, you will be able to purchase brand new axes which better your gaming performance. Chopping down trees also brings you a lot of XP, not only just money. In case somebody is attempting to steal your tree, just partake in combat to finish him off using your axes. However, your HP can decrease in the battle, which means that you must collect some food first then use them to heal your health. Think you can become a wealthy woodcutter in LumberJack Simulator? Let’s try it now! Hopefully, you will have a blast with it!

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Use WASD for the movement, click the left mouse to hit with your axe.

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