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About Crazy

Crazy pits you against many contenders from around the globe. Are you up for the fierce jumping battles brought to you by this IO game that is free for all? Let’s check it out now to test your skills! When the match is kicked off, you must focus on knocking your foes out of the arena as fast as possible before you end up getting kicked out by someone else. Knocking enemies will make your size increase, so try to pick up a lot of kills to power up yourself. When you get strengthened, dealing with tough enemies is nothing to you, you can easily take on them without using too much effort. But still, don’t forget to protect yourself because you will never know if you get ambushed or not. Your final objective in Crazy is to turn yourself into the best player ruling the arena. Good luck to you!

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Use the mouse to move your character and click the left mouse to jump.

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